आपले स्वागत आहे!

ॐ सरदार पटेल


                                                       सरदार पटेल




Sardar Patel was a great patriot, who played a key role in arousing the national spirit of India
     at a time when it was need the most He was a large-hearted man, full of wit and wisdom who
     loved Gujarat as much as he loved India, and displayed respect for the heritage of his country
     without being parochial.
     Remembering the great soul of India, a movie has been made which has won worldwide acclain.
     The film called ‘Sardar’ is taken from The last days of Sardar Patel, original film-script for Ketan
     Mehta’s ‘Sardar’ by Vijay Dhondopant This biographical  epic  on  Sardar  Patel concentrates on
     the last five years of Sardar’s life, from 1945 to 1950, when he strode on the national scene as
     a  key  figure  in  wresting  Indian independence and integrating the nation.
    This film is a tribute to the Sardar’s inestimable contribution to the making  of  free India, a
    memory that can stand us in good stead to face problems of India today and tomorrow. A
    memory that must be cherished, for the loss of it could mean the loss of freedom so dear to
    Indians. This three-hour feature film in colour is the result of indefatigable effort of over ten
    years by Mr. H M. Patel, who was a close confidant of the Sardar and worked in several capacities
    with him as Home Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, and even as a Secretary to him. The Foundation
    for Films on India’s War of Independence is a trust started at his behest to produce films on the
    subject of the fight for India’s Independence and the key players in this monumental saga.
   The film features the well-known actor Paresh Rawal as Sardar Patel. Annu Kapoor as Mahatma
   Gandhi, Benjamin Gilani as Jawraharlal Nehru, Sri Vallabh Vyas as Mohamad Ali Jinnah and Tom
   Atler as Lord Mountbatten. The cast is in the thousands. The film tells the story as it happened.
   It entertains as it educates us all. Ketan Mehta directed the film, and the music is by Vanaraj


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