आपले स्वागत आहे!

ॐ सरदार पटेल


                                        सरदार पटेल



At the urging of his friends, Patel won an election to become the sanitation commissioner
      of Ahmedabad in 1917. While often clashing with British officials on civic issues, he did not
      show any interest in politics. Upon hearing of Mohandas Gandhi, he joked to Mavlankar that
      Gandhi would “ask you if you know how to sift pebbles from wheat.  And  that  is  supposed
      to bring independence.”
      But Patel was deeply impressed when Gandhi defied the British in Champaran for the sake of
      the area’s oppressed farmers. Against the grain of Indian politicians of the time, Gandhi wore
      Indian-style clothes and emphasised the use of one’s mother tongue or any Indian language
      as opposed to English – the lingua franca of India’s intellectuals. Patel was particularly
      attracted to Gandhi’s inclination to action – apart from a resolution condemning the arrest of
      political leader Annie Besant, Gandhi proposed that volunteers march peacefully demanding to
      meet her.
      Patel gave a speech in Borsad in September 1917, encouraging Indians nationwide to sign Gandhi’s
      petition demanding Swaraj – independence – from the British. Meeting Gandhi a month later at
      Gujarat Political Conference in Godhra, Patel became the secretary of the Gujarat Sabha – a public
      body which would become the Gujarati arm of the Indian National Congress – at Gandhi’s
      encouragement. Patel now energetically fought against veth – the forced servitude of Indians to
      Europeans – and organised relief efforts in wake of plague and famine in Kheda.
      The Kheda peasants’ plea for exemption from taxation had been turned down by British authorities.
      Gandhi endorsed waging a struggle there, but could not lead himself due to his activities in
      Champaran. When Gandhi asked for a Gujarati activist to devote himself completely to the
      assignment and Patel volunteered, much to Gandhi’s personal delight. Though his decision was
      made on the spot, Patel later said that his desire and commitment came after intensive personal
      contemplation, as he realised he would have to abandon his career and material ambitions.

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