आपले स्वागत आहे!


ॐ                                            कोल्हापूर
                                       २६. २ ( फेब्रुवारी ) २०१५.

ब्लॉग वाचक यांना नमस्कार !
विनंति विशेष
सावरकर यांची पुण्यतिथी  आहे
त्यांच्या बद्दल मी पुस्तक मध्ये पाहून लिहिलेली माहिती देत आहे





Savarkar was a true revolutionary and he always revolutionary and he always stood by what he wrote and never compromised with ‘adjustments’ ‘reforms’ and peaceful solutions, which, according to him, meant nothing. As a great scholar, full of originality and independent standing, he coined several new technical terms of parliamentary usage and of Indian parlance, such as chhayachitra (photography), Sansad (Senate), Vyangyachitra (Cartoons), etc.

He earnestly believed that Indian independence had become a reality not just because of a few individuals, leaders or sections of society. It had, been nade possible by the participation of the commoners, who prayed to their family deity every day. And the youngsters, who went to gallows to see their motherland free, were the greatest ‘Veeradhiveers’ as quoted by him.

In the year 1958, the Pune University granted the degree of Doctor of Letters to him. As Savarkar aged, he saw his grim prophecies coming true. China invaded India in 1962 and Pakistan attacked India in 1965. When the Indian Army entered Lahore, Savarkar rejoiced saying that the “best way to win a war was to carry it into the enemy’s land.”

On February 26, 1966, Veer Savarkar passed away at the ripe old age of 83.

Today Savarkar is referred in India, as the Brave (Veer) Savarkar and on the same level as Mahatma Gandhi, SUBHASH Chandra Bose and Tilak. The intellectuals, as well as the commoners in India, continue to debate what would have happened, if ideas of Savarkar were accepted by the nation, especially after freedom in 1947. A famous-General is said to have quoted Savarkar, after the Indians granted land to the Chinese in a military conflict in 1962,”…. Savarkar had advocated India, which would be militarily strong.”

A film on Savarkar was released recently. The film created a lot of ripples of excitement. It may be probably the first major venture to praise the pioneer of Hindutva ideology.

His house in Bhagur, 9 Kilometers away Nashik, is being preserved as National Monument by the Government of India.



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